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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Comes Love by: Katie Kacvinsky

"Welcome to Phoenix," he says. He stares back at me with stubborn eyes, like I picked the wrong local if I'm looking for excitement, but I return the look because I think he's wrong.  He has a venturous side, I can sense it, but for some reason it's buried. ~Dylan
Meet Gray, like his name he is dark and stormy.
Meet Dylan, a fun-loving girl, who loves adventure and is full of life and light.
They are exact opposites.
Told in alternating points of view, what starts off as an unlikely friendship, turns into an easy friendship, admiration, and respect.  Falling in love was the easy part for these two but with secrets, pasts and insecurities sometimes staying in love is hard to do. 
I liked this book because it was told in alternating points of view, you are able to see in the minds of both characters and are able to form your opinions about them better this way.  I love books told in first person POV and in alternating POV, its almost like reading a diary!
I recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction, this duo develop a slow friendship which makes this book much more realistic than others.

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